The Complete DIY Package

The Complete DIY Package includes each of the individual videos that will provide you with step by step guidance for creating your nonprofit organization, completing and filing the application to be recognized as a 501(c)(3) with the IRS, and certain obligations you’ll have once your tax exempt status has been granted.

501c3 Team currently has forms available for the following states:

If you do not see the state listed in which you wish to incorporate, please contact us by clicking here and telling us which state you wish to incorporate in and we will send you an email as soon as we have forms for that particular state available.

It also includes the complete set of forms, which includes the following documents:

  1. Form Articles of Incorporation. This document is tailored for the specific state in which you wish to incorporate (it is provided in an editable Microsoft Word format so it can be customized for your organization).
  2. Form Bylaws. (provided in editable Microsoft Word format).
  3. Form Organizational Minutes. (provided in editable Microsoft Word format).
  4. Example of Federal Employer Identification Number Application. This document captures a screen by screen journey through the IRS’s online application process and provides answers to the questions for a hypothetical nonprofit organization.
  5. Sample of a Completed Form 1023 (application for tax exempt status). This document contains a fully completed Form 1023, for a hypothetical nonprofit organization, along with all of its associated attachments, including correspondence to the IRS. It will show how questions were answered on the Form 1023 (as shown in the videos), and it is designed to show you how a completed Form 1023 should be assembled.
  6. Attachments for the Form 1023: This document is designed to provide you with a starting point for drafting your answers to the various questions contained in the Form 1023 that require further explanation beyond the Form 1023 itself (it is provided in an editable Microsoft Word format so it can be customized for your organization).